The most expensive curry....ever!

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Today seemed no different, just a normal Sunday...we got up, made breakfast, went for a walk. Not once, not in a million years did I expect the events to unfold as they did. It all started with....

me: oooh I fancy a beef rendang curry for dinner (one of our most favourite meals btw)

boyf: Hmmmmm have we got what we need?

me: No we need a blender (to make the paste)

boyf: What happened to the last TWO you bought?

me: Errrhh one broke, the other just got... erhh lost (when we moved house maybe, I really have no idea!)

boyf: And what about that juicer thing YOU BOUGHT?

me: Errrhh the one WE bought you mean, when we went through a juicing craze that lasted 2 days before we couldn't bring ourselves to wash the blimmen thing up again.....(there were so many bits to it)! Well WE got rid of it cos it was a load of cr@p! (excuse my language).

pfffhhh I don't know, so I'm literally being accused of being a dirty blender hoarder...

Anyway....the conversation ended up with us both agreeing that we needed a decent blender if we were going to make our favourite beef rendang curry, and this meant spending some serious money. The only blender I could think of, that I knew was worth it was a NutriBullet. My sister has one and I've always been jealous. It's been a yearning for many years and I I have just been given the go ahead to buy a NUTRIBULLET!! My birthdays and Christmas's have all come at once!

You're probably wondering why I haven't just bought one or why I need the 'go-ahead''s modern times, I'm a modern women, my boyfriend is a modern man....we're very modern.

Well the honest answer is.....we haven't got any money (well spare cash that is) to go throwing around on luxury items such as a blenders. We seriously need to budget our day job wages to ensure that all the important stuff, like rent and bills are paid. We have to be proper adults about it. All of our spare cash and profits go back into our passions...mine is Fab Bikini and my boyfriends is music production. This is what makes us extremely happy!

So, 'excitedly' we (I) went to Sainsburys, found the NutriBullet aisle and was presented with 2 colour choices...grey or red. My boyfriend said grey so we put it in the basket and then half way down the aisle I say....."hmm maybe we should get the red one?" back we go. Picked a red one up and then stood there pondering, "am I making the right colour decision?". IT WAS SO HARD! I really wasn't expecting this.

Anyway I went for the red one as my boyfriend was bored and had disappeared down the aisle with it anyway.

We carried on with our shop, bought all the ingredients for the beef rending and accidentally dropped a lemon cheese cake and a bottle or rose prosecco into the basket too. (well it's still the weekend!)

We got home and unwrapped the beauty. My boyfriend started it up for a test run and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The blade whizzed around sooo fast...the power in this thing is mind blowing!

I'm actually secretly scared of blenders ever since watching the gremlins (as a child) know the bit I mean? This blender though, seems very safe.

Well we made the paste for the beef rendang and it was perfect. The NutriBullet came with a little booklet with recipes but I haven't read any of it yet.

I will post the beef rendang recipe soon, it's really healthy, nutritious and very very easy...probably the tastiest home-made curry ever. Also it's quite cheap to make if you already own a blender. I will most likely experiment with some of the recipes in the NutriBullet booklet so I will post these too and let you know how I get on. :)

NutriBullet Extractor BlenderMy (our) beautiful NutriBullet


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