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Karen Kane is the Owner, Designer, Maker, Photographer, Website Person and Tea Lady of Fab Bikini. 

From the minute she was plunged into this world... and smacked on the bottom by the midwife because she refused to cry (stubborn!) she knew she wanted to make her mark in this world.

Karen has travelled around Europe, worked in America teaching fashion, joined a theatre company making pantomime costumes... and ran a trend forecasting agency in London for several years. All this time, Fab Bikini was just a twinkle in her eye.

During the summer of 2015, travelling home from her job in London, she started researching swimwear and how to make it. After reading lots & lots of blogs and watching YouTube tutorials on how to sew with stretch fabric, she felt like she had finally found her calling.

Feeling incredibly optimistic, an overlocker (aka a serger) was purchased, along with some Lycra, rubber elastic and the services of a pattern cutter... who helped her draft some high waisted bottoms. Not going to lie; the first few attempts were enough to make small creatures crawl back into their holes. It REALLY WAS something that you couldn't 'unsee'. Have you ever tried attaching elastic on to Lycra? It's not for the faint hearted.

Undeterred, Karen practiced all day and night for weeks.... until one day the cursing suddenly stopped, the clouds cleared, the birds began to sing again and hubby came out of hiding. Calm had been restored in the household and the first pair of high waisted bottoms were listed on Etsy... and purchased soon after (kerching!) by a customer in Australia. How exotic!

Nowadays, she whips up the most incredible spandex outfits in no time... and in a professional, calm manner.

When Karen isn't designing or sewing, you'll find her binge watching anything 80's and 90's related such as GLOW, Stranger Things... Crocodile Dundee (Linda Kozlowski had the best outfits, especially in the first one). This is where she finds most of her inspiration!

Karen says that she also goes to the gym and works out (👀) .....

Thank you so much if you've just read all of this. Karen (me) is now feeling like a bit of a nutcase talking about herself in the third person. Time for a cuppa I think!

Have a fab day!

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